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I am Martin Qvarnström,

a Software Developer

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A problem-solving coder at heart with a passion for learning new tech. For the last few of years I have been busy learning the .NET stack, mainly C# and ASP.NET Core for web development. I have also been working with React, Node.js, MySql, Entity Framework and Blazor.

I am currently studying at Campus Varberg, a two year program with focus on the .NET platform including courses on C#, agile work methods, front-end development and database creation / administration to name a few. Right now doing my internship at Effectsoft in Halmstad.

In my spare time I try to run a few times a week and spend time with my two daughters, preferably outdoors. Cooking is also a little hobby of mine, I used to be a chef way back.

🚀 My latest side project is live at insynskollen.se and is a fullstack web app / SMS service built with React, .NET Web Api, MySql and a webscraper written in C#. If you are interested in the code, version control or my planning, check out my github or get in touch! 🚀

These are my pinned projects on Github. Click to get to their repository for detailed information. Or visit my profile if you are interested in my other personal / school projects and contributions to open source.

  • InsynkollenFrontend

    Frontend of insynskollen.se written in React / Next.js

    Topics: nextjs react
  • InsynskollenBackend

    Backend of insynskollen.se written in C# as a .NET Core Web Api

    Topics: asp-net-core csharp dotnet stripe
  • NextJSTailwindPortfolio

    Personal website using Next.JS and TailwindCSS that integrates the Github REST API & the Github GraphQL API.

    Topics: nextjs react tailwindcss github github-api portfolio
  • UsingXUnit

    Console app developed using TDD

    Topics: c-sharp docker entity-framework-core tdd xunit
  • NotBot

    A Discord bot that integrates Notion and Trello.

    Topics: bot csharp discord dotnet notion trello
  • KattisSolutions

    Solutions to open Kattis coding problems.

    Topics: algorithms csharp data-structures kattis kattis-solutions

These are my latest events on Github. Visit my profile for more information about my development related activities.